LPR 2016: By the Numbers

LPR 2016: By the Numbers

2016 was one for the books, bringing new business, new team members and lots of memories. By the Numbers is a fun way to quantify what the past year meant to LPR. Here we go!

1,827 cups of coffee and tea

The caffeine saga at LPR had its ups and downs in 2016. After retiring our faithful first-generation Keurig coffee maker, we replaced it with a newer model and continued to deliver great client work – fueled by caffeine, of course.

LPR Coffee Bar


872 miles traveled to #MarryingMatthys

In September, LPR’s Christi Chesner (now Matthys) was married in the mountains in beautiful Granby, Colorado. So we did what any family does: we packed up and headed to Colorado! We stayed at the Granby Ranch ski resort, enjoyed the cooler weather (it even snowed!), watched Christi say “I do” to her husband, John, and briefly considered relocating LPR to the mountains.

Marrying Matthys



16 client events

From a cutting-edge national sports tour to airport therapy dogs to grand openings, we’ve contributed to some great client events this year. Here are a few of our favorites:

    • DFW Airport introduced their K9 Crew, a group of therapy dogs that help calm the nerves of anxious flyers. The dogs made their debut on the DFW orange carpet and completely milked all of the media attention!

Dogs of DFW

    • Topgolf launched its first national Topgolf Tour in which men and women amateur golfers competed at various regional tournaments around the country. The winners advanced to the Topgolf Tour Championship in Las Vegas for a chance to win $50,000!

Topgolf Tour Champs

    • The Alon Brands Clean TEAM Awards ceremony is an annual event celebrating the company’s store and district managers with the best store appearance scores. In addition to a banquet dinner, managers spin a giant prize wheel for a chance to win a new car, destination trips and more. It’s always a hit!

Prize Wheel


10 spontaneous dance breaks

When stress levels are high, sometimes you just have to dance it off. We’ve found that a quick, five-minute dance break can get the creative juices flowing and help us refocus on our to-do lists. Besides, what is life without a few dance breaks?

Two new team members

In June, we brought on recent Baylor grad Ashton Brown as an associate. In addition to delivering stellar work, she’s definitely upped the sass level in the LPR office. We were also thrilled when graphic designer Sarah Sullivan joined our team in December. Not only has she helped expand LPR’s creative wheelhouse, but she’s an avid Patriots fan who can dish out the Cowboys trash talk like a pro.

Ashton Brown, Associate


Sarah Sullivan, Designer


One heck of a great year

Although it was a crazy ride at times, we wouldn’t change anything about the past year. We’re thankful for every person who helped make 2016 a fantastic year for LPR. We’re already looking ahead to 2017, excited about new opportunities and ready to hit the ground running.

Happy New Year!

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